Monday, June 6, 2016

           Natural Remedies To Fight Mosquitoes                                  

Summer is here bringing the sun and fun activities along with it. It's the time to be outside and enjoy what we love to do like go to the beach, garden, etc. It’s what we have been waiting for! The problem is that is that summer brings not only wonderful activities, but it also brings something that we hate... “mosquitoes.

Plants to Mention

I’d like to name a few plants that you can have in your garden to add beauty while simultaneously repelling mosquitoes. If you plant this in your garden, their aroma will do the job
for you.

Citrosa has an attractive foliage and is a mosquito fighter with a lemony scent.
Lemon balm releases a soothing smell caused by high levels of citronellal which gives it its citrusy odor and flavor that repels mosquitoes.

Lantana, also called white - sage, grows in any soil. It is a perennial flowering plant in the verbena family

The lime basil is a culinary herb and a medicinal plant as well. It is very effective as an organic mosquito repellent.
Stone root is from the mint family with a noticeable smell of lemon that drives mosquitoes away. It can easily grows in most soil conditions.

A recipe for dried or fresh herbs to use as a repellent against mosquitoes: